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The Camp Ekon staff community is comprised of approximately forty members. Our staff is extremely qualified in enthusiasm and fun. Many of our staff members were once campers who were inspired by past staff members and who are now trying to recreate some of that magical experience for their campers. Camp Ekon is a unique community where all staff members give 110% in order to "carry the heavy load" and "look out for the little guy." There are two types of staff: counseling staff and senior staff.


Counseling staff work directly with the campers. The counseling staff is generally seventeen to nineteen years old. They are responsible for supervising campers during free time, teaching instructions, leading 'club' activities and creating the afternoon and evening programs. The counseling staff is always on the go with the kids, creating magical experiences for every camper.

Senior Staff

The senior staff work behind the scenes to ensure that camp runs smoothly. Each senior staff member (typically a university student) is responsible for a different area of camp. The senior staff are also role models for the younger staff members.

Brian Merry: Programming coordinator

Alright team, here's the deal. My name is Brian Merry and this summer I will be your co-programming director alongside my brobeans Mike. In the offseason I am studying Economics at UWO which seems difficult because it is. While I will be quite busy planning activities this summer I am always in for a game of ball hockey, or just a simple chat. If you want to challenge me to a game of ball hockey just wait for me outside the dining hall and if I don't come out... just wait longer. This summer should be promising as we have a lot of depth, no injuries, and a phenomenal line-up of staff. We also acquired a bunch of great first year draft picks which should really boost our morale. I have to go- Zamboni is on the ice but see ya out there!

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Danielle Kimmerly: LIT Coordinator

Hi Camp Ekon! My name’s Danielle and this will be my 11th summer spent on the beautiful Ekon peninsula. This summer I am returning to be one of your LIT Directors alongside Mr. JDR! I’m super excited to meet our wonderful line-up of future leaders this summer. Whether you’re new to Camp or are an Ekon veteran, I can’t wait to share this summer with you! When I’m not directing the leader-trainees, you can often find me enjoying everything the beautiful Lake Joe has to offer! I’m always up for going swimming, sailing, windsurfing, ropes element playing, or just having general fun! In my much less exciting “real life” I live in Kingston, Ontario where I’m finishing up my third year of studying Political and Global Development Studies at Queen’s University. If you're visiting this page I'm guessing that you're a fellow Ekon enthusiast and are counting down the days until summer gets here. Thankfully we're in the homestretch friends, and we'll be able to leave our boring non-camp lives behind very very soon! Can't wait to share the wonderful Muskoka air with all you lovely people! 

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Cameron Gillespie: Building Maintenance Manager

Hello All, My name is Cameron Gillespie, and this summer I will be the Building Maintenance Manager at Camp Ekon! In the off-season I study Sociology at the University of Guelph, which is just as boring as it sounds. If you have a question of any kind, you can find me in the Maintenance Shed fixing something up, or at the sailing dock casting off. Don’t be shy, say hi!

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Maria Snow: Special Needs Coordinator, Studio Manager, Volunteer Coordinator

Hi friends! My name is Maria Snow and I’m so very excited to be back at EKON this coming summer. I’m currently studying Psychology at Memorial University in Newfoundland so when you see me at camp this summer I’ll be able to tell you absolutely evvvverything (read: a little tiny bit) about your brain while we hang out at the MPC! Or the ski dock! Or while we’re swimming! Or chilling at the flagpole! This coming summer will be my first year on Senior Staff and I will be working as the Special Needs Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, and Studio Manager. When I’m not busy working we’ll be able to hang out, have a chat, and laugh at funny things. And then probably make a handshake or something. And then sit in the sun or go swimming.  Life on Lake Joe is undeniably the best. So excited to see all your lovely, smiling faces soon enough!

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Brigid Trott: Waterfront and Healthcare

Hi, hi, hi! My name’s Brigid, hi! This summer will be my 4th summer working at Camp Ekon, and my first year on senior staff, and I’m super excited! I’ll be doing double duty as Health Care and Water Front Director, keeping everyone healthy and safe. During the year I study art history at McGill University in Montreal. But, let’s be serious, all the pictures of Ekon made in the arts and crafts studio are way better than any painting I’ve ever seen. I’m getting giddy butterflies in my stomach just thinking about returning to Lake Joe’s rocky shores and indulging in swimming, sun and smiles. Can’t wait to see y’all there!

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Josh Doyle-Raso: LIT Coordinator

MGooood morning Camp Ekon! I’m Josh (I’ll also answer to JDR and The National Cranberry) and I’m going to be part of this summer’s unreal LIT program, along with Danielle. Pretty much all I’ve been thinking about during this long and cold winter is how much I can’t wait to get back up to beautiful Lake Joe and direct some LITs, or play some dodgeball, or tip some canoes. When not playing rugby on the lower field, or kayaking around Lake Joe, I spend my time studying history at McGill University and after 8 months in the library, I’m psyched to spend every minute that I can outside at Ekon. See you!

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Zac Dobbin: Assistant Director

Alright Alright Alright, I caved I caved. After a year of being absent from Camp Ekon I realized that I really could not resist returning to the place I have called home during the summer for the last 8 years of my life As highlighted above my name is Zac Dobbin and you may recognize me from my past rolls as (but not limited too) ; MC of Ekon Olympics Fun Enabler as Ekon program director Wrestling all camp champ, summers 2010, 2011 2014* All camp general swim's fashion king Leader in Training Director Hulk Hogan This summer of 2014 is lined up to be the best one throughout Ekons 43 years and I am happy to say I will be serving as the assistant director along side the magnificent marvel, Monica Trott. I can't wait to see all the returning faces and all the new ones as well. We've got tons of surprises in store for you. Although it will be one of the busiest summers yet Ill always be available to defend my title as the undefeated teatherball legend (for anyone brave enough to challenge) or simply just to stop and have a chat. See you all soon! Over and out – Dobbin

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Caroline Hickey: Kitchen Manager

Hello friends, it’s Caro here! I am super excited to be the kitchen manager at Ekon this summer! I have been a cook at camp for the past three summers so I know all the secrets to making delicious and nutritious meals! I plan to make this summer the best ever for your taste buds! When I am not in the kitchen you can find me jumping off the ski-dock or windsurfing on beautiful Lake Joe! In the far less exciting months of the year I spend my time at the Centre for Nursing Studies campus of MUN in St. John’s studying nursing (if you didn’t already guess)!! I can’t wait to see all your refreshing, young, smiling faces at camp :) Yippee for summer 2014!

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Megan White: Tripping Coordinator

Hey friends! The countdown is on for summer 2014 and I hope you’re all as excited as I am to be back on Lake Joe. I’m out here in Halifax dreaming of camp between classes trips to the library at Dalhousie. This will be my 12th summer at Camp Ekon and I’m sure this coming one will be as amazing as the rest! This summer will be my second year on senior staff, and I am very excited to be this year’s tripping director! Time to start practicing your camp songs and bracelet making - Muskoka, Killarney and Algonquin await! Can’t wait to see you all at the flagpole for some tetherball!!

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Michael Merry: Programming Coordinator

Hey Friends, long time no see! My name is Michael Merry and I am currently in my second year studying at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo (home of the renowned Kitchener-Waterloo Flying Dutchmen Scale Rally Model Airplane Show).  I think I can speak for most when I say I cannot wait to get back to Camp Ekon and the good ol’ lake Joseph!  This summer I will be heading back to Ekon as the Programming Director alongside my brother and biggest rival Brian.  The two of us goofballs have a lot in store for the upcoming summer to help make it fun, wild and memorable. When I’m not programming, you will be able to find me down on the lower field playing some rugby, swimming in the beautiful lake Joe or hanging around the flagpole looking for a chat or a game of Frisbee.  The 2014 summer at Ekon will be one for the record books, and I look forward to seeing you there in the next few months!

Conor Thompson: Site Manager

How do you do?? My name is Conor Thompson and I’m going into my 5th summer at the most majestic place on earth….Camp Ekon!! I will be working along side my good pal Cameron “cream cheese” Gillespie as the Maintenance Director. When I’m back home on the rock you could find me studying Community Recreation at College of the North Atlantic, or attempting to stop a puck or two for the CBN Jr.Stars in the St. John’s Junior Hockey League. I welcome all challengers to a one-on-one shootout at the MPC anytime! All you need to do is stop by the Maintenance shed and give me a holler! I can guarantee that I will be more than excited to face a few slap shots in the beautiful sun. As summer approaches, the anticipation for Ekon 2014 begins and the countdown starts. I can’t wait to see all of you on the beautiful shores of Lake Joseph!! Stay classy, and remember to look out for the little guy. Thanks, Conor T

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Monica Trott: Assistant Director

Hello friends! I hope you’re all as excited as I am for Summer 2014: Summer of Legends. This will be my 7th summer on staff and 13th at Camp Ekon, and I’m betting it will be the best. I can’t wait to spend time with all of you singing songs in the dining hall, rocking out at ice cream dance parties, sun bathing on the ski dock and everything and anything water related! All you canoers, sailors, windsurfers and kayakers out there should brace yourselves for some wild adventures!

I’ve spent my cold, dreary, Ekon-less winter months as an intern at the International Bureau for Children’s Rights in Montreal, working to make the world a bit better for the little folks, and wishing for warmer days. I’m looking for ward to being Assistant Director with my handsome buddy Zachary Dobbin, doing everything we can to make this the best summer ever! It’s almost time to break out the Birks ladies and gentlemen!

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