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The Camp Ekon staff community is comprised of approximately forty members. Our staff is extremely qualified in enthusiasm and fun. Many of our staff members were once campers who were inspired by past staff members and who are now trying to recreate some of that magical experience for their campers. Camp Ekon is a unique community where all staff members give 110% in order to "carry the heavy load" and "look out for the little guy." There are two types of staff: counseling staff and senior staff.


Counseling staff work directly with the campers. The counseling staff is generally seventeen to nineteen years old. They are responsible for supervising campers during free time, teaching instructions, leading 'club' activities and creating the afternoon and evening programs. The counseling staff is always on the go with the kids, creating magical experiences for every camper.

Senior Staff

The senior staff work behind the scenes to ensure that camp runs smoothly. Each senior staff member (typically a university student) is responsible for a different area of camp. The senior staff are also role models for the younger staff members.

Andy Eason

Hello friends, Andy here. Currently I am sitting in Camp Ekon's winter office daydreaming about summer 2013. I can't help but think of all the wonderful people that will be gracing Ekon with their presence, the hot sun, and mystical Lake Joesph. But I must stop and get back to my work. This summer Brendan and I will be working alongside Meg and Father John as your two Assistant Directors, helping ensure that the summer runs smoothly and that everyone is having fun! In the off season, when I am not working in the winter office, I can found at the University of Toronto working hard to finish my degree. That's all for now, see you this summer!

PS - Make sure that you practice your tetherball as I will be frequently challenging others in a friendly game during free time.

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Brendan Roe

I'm Brendan Roe and this summer, along with my long time pal Andrew Eason, I will be your Assistant Director at Camp Ekon. This will be my 7th summer working at Camp Ekon and I have no doubt that it will be as fantastic as ever. I hope everyone is having a great school year and I look forward to seeing you all in Muskoka come July.

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Monica Trott

Hello fellow camp lovers! Some of you may know me from one of my past 11 summers at Ekon, and some of you may not. Either way, I'm sure that come summer we'll all be the best of friends. Whether it's competing for the best jump at the ski dock, running on the water trampoline or cheering as loud as possible in the dining hall, I'm looking forward to all of it and I hope you are too! This summer I'll be heading up our Leadership in Training program. If I'm not in the main house, you can find me gallivanting somewhere on Lake Joe, where the sun is shining and the winds are blowing. During the non-magical months of the year, I spend my time learning about the world and its many varied peoples, and their ideas and actions, at the University of McGill in Montreal.


If you are a dreamer, come in.
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer . . .
If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire,
For we have some flax golden tales to spin. Come in!
Come in!"

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Megan White

Hi Camp Ekon! I'm Megan White. This coming summer will by my first on senior staff but my 11th on the picturesque peninsula that is Ekon! While I'm not admiring the view from the top of the climbing wall or splashing into Lake Joe at the ski dock, you'll find me in the kitchen as this summers Kitchen Manager! I'll be working away behind the scenes with the cooks to make sure every camper has enough delicious food every meal. During the less magical, non-camp months of the year, you can find me at Dalhousie University in Halifax counting down the days until I'm back on the camp bus singing Rickety Rackety Russ down Stanley House Road! Summer will be here before we know it - can't wait to see you all in Muskoka!!!

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Danielle Kimmerly

Hey there Camp Ekon-ers! My name's Danielle Kimmerly and I will be the Health Care and Water Front Director for the summer of 2013. When I'm not protecting Camp from evil sicknesses, bruises and unsafe water practices, you'll most likely see me enjoying everything that the beautiful Lake Joe peninsula has to offer. Things like swimming, sailing, laughing, soaking up the sun, and just loving life. In my much less exciting "real life" I live in Kingston where I'm in my second year of studying Political and Global Development at Queen's University. If you're visiting this page I'm guessing that you're a fellow Ekon enthusiast and are counting down the days until summer gets here. Thankfully we're in the homestretch friends, and we'll be able to leave our boring non-camp lives behind very very soon! Can't wait to share the wonderful Muskoka air with all you lovely people!

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Cameron Gillespie

My name is Cam, and this summer will be my 12th on Lake Joe. I currently study Criminal Justice at the University of Guelph, so besides being Ekon's Tripping Director, you may contact me for legal advice if need be. This summer I'll be making sure every camper's tripping experience is the best it can possibly be, while also acting as Choir Direector, Captain of the sailing dock, and LeBron James of the Basketball court. If you need to ask a question, or want to challenge me to 1 on 1 (I do have a mean crossover so watch out), you can find me at the tripping shed fixing tents or something. And a side note for the trippers out there: This land that we live in, the beautiful nation known as Canada, is out there waiting for YOU. It's time to grab life by the horns guys. I can't guarantee that it will be easy, but I will guarantee that trip will be one of the best and most memorable weeks of your career. I'm fired up, are you?


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Josh Doyle-Rasso

How goes it my fellow Ekoners?!

Hi, I'm Josh (also known as JDR, Darth Jader, and The National Cranberry), you may remember me from such huts like the Deer, Cord, Rock and Bear huts. In Summer 2013 I'll be part of the most amazing Programming team ever with the unequalled, unparalleled and unmatched Phill Mac. We've already put our brains to good use, and are brewing up a storm of ideas for you guys for the summer. In the boring non-camp downtime, I study history at McGill University – finding out all sorts of ridiculous things about the world, which will no doubt make appearances in the wild and imaginative bonanza that will be Summer 2013's programming! When I'm not programming, you'll be able to find me at the MPC playing some dodgeball, or relaxing at any of Ekon's various awesome docks, walking around camp playing guitar like a travelling minstrel, or hanging out at the flagpole doing my very best not to lose at tetherball. I look forward to seeing everybody's excited and smiling faces at camp!

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Paddy Thompson

Hey-ya there friends!

It's nice to be back! My Name is Paddy Thompson A.K.A Ekon Olympic extraordinaire (as my track record is unbeatable). However, accomplishments aside I am super excited to be mixing things up all summer on the beautiful Lake Joe. I will be returning for my sixth year and cant wait to have all you guys and gals up and splashing about when the summer hits full swing. I will be working both as the House Maintenance Director and the Assistant LIT Director this year and could not be more stoked with this summer's staff line up. When I am not launching front flips off of the ski dock you can find me in Sackville, New Brunswick studying at Mt. Allison University. But, as soon as the snow begins to melt and the t-shirts get busted out again the only place you're going to find me is general swim. So when that fateful day arrives and you finally make it up to Camp, I will see you at the flagpole and expect some high fives.

Paddy T.

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Brian Merry

Alright team, here's the deal.

My name is Brian Merry and this summer I will yet again be the maintenance director. In the offseason I am studying Economics at UWO which seems difficult because it is. While I will be quite busy maintaining the site this summer I am always in for a game of ball hockey, or just a simple chat. If you want to challenge me to a game of ball hockey just wait for me outside the maintenance shed and if I don't come out... just wait longer. This summer should be promising as we have a lot of depth, no injuries, and a phenomenal lineup of staff. We also acquired a bunch of great first year draft picks which should really boost our morale. I have to go- Zamboni is on the ice but see ya out there!

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How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in joining Camp Ekon's Staff.

Please complete the forms below and send them to the Camp's Winter Office (the address is on the right) as soon as possible. Please include a current resume and allow extra time for your references to arrive at the office.

The deadline for Staff applications is January 4th of the year for which you are applying.

You will be required to come to the Camp's Winter Office for an interview in January of the year for which you are applying.

You can expect to receive a decision from the Camp sometime in late February or early March. Please do not make nonrefundable travel arrangements until you have received a final acceptance decision.

Thank you again for your interest in Camp Ekon.

Please feel free to call (416) 778-1505 or email if you have any questions.

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